Shutting down a company sucks!

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The easiest and most trustworthy way to shut down your startup.

What our customers are saying:

    SimpleClosure turned the daunting task of winding down my company into a manageable process. Their team handled all complexities with professionalism and transparency, allowing me to focus on my future. I highly recommend Simple Closure for anyone facing the challenge of closing their business.
    Elie, CEO @ Fintech Company
    They’re great! They’ve caught things our original dissolution lawyers and CPAs didn’t catch. Happy I’m using them to speed up the process!
    Brandon, Founder @ Healthcare Company
    SimpleClosure has been great to work with- they’ve taken a load off of my mind as I transition to my next opportunities. I’ve felt comfortable knowing I don’t have to second guess any parts of the process and didn’t have to waste my time with a myriad of google searches.
    Jonathan, Partner @ Adtech LLC
    SimpleClosure provided me with two things. 1) Visibility on what needed to be done and 2) Peace of mind that we were going to shut the company down the correct way.
    Andrew, CEO @ Fintech Company

Exceptional Value

Say goodbye to crazy legal fees. Our process is engineered to save you tens of thousands of dollars. With SimpleClosure at your side, the path to dissolution becomes financially manageable.

Efficiency Through Software

We use software to evolve the shut-down process from months and years, to days and weeks. With our proven technology and expertise, we save you hundreds of hours of work, enabling you to redirect your attention to what's next.

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Comprehensive Support

We work with Corporations and LLCs within the USA, both bootstrapped and venture-backed. We're here for all companies facing the daunting task of shutting down.

Laser Focused on Doing It Right

We are adamant about getting things done right. Our approach assures your startup dissolution is handled effectively, mitigating the risk of fines and penalties.

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The easiest and most trustworthy way to shut down your startup