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Say goodbye to crazy legal fees. Our process is engineered to save you tens of thousands of dollars. With SimpleClosure at your side, the path to dissolution becomes financially manageable.

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We use software to evolve the shut-down process from months and years, to days and weeks. With our proven technology and expertise, we save you hundreds of hours of work, enabling you to redirect your attention to what's next.

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We were navigating a tight timeline for our company's dissolution and investor distributions. It felt overwhelming. Thankfully we had SimpleClosure to assist us with our shutdown. They had us dissolved within two days of onboarding.


Stealth Startup

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We had a complex shutdown with operations in 12 states and SimpleClosure navigated all the overwhelming bureaucratic complexity for us. Now I recommend them to any founder friends going through the shutdown process!


InsurTech Company

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We were facing a mountain of paperwork in order to dissolve the business. Investor notifications, state filings, and other things we didn’t even know about. We could have paid our lawyers a fortune, but we chose SimpleClosure because they lived up to their name and made the process as simple and painless as possible.


SaaS Company

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I deeply appreciated the seamless functionality that made a complex task remarkably straightforward. The platform not only simplified the shutdown procedures but also provided invaluable insights, streamlining the entire process. I felt confident at every stage, knowing that nothing had been overlooked.


AdTech Company

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They’re great! They’ve caught things our original dissolution lawyers and CPAs didn’t catch. Happy I’m using them to speed up the process!


Healthcare Company

Comprehensive Support

We work with Corporations and LLCs within the USA, both bootstrapped and venture-backed. We're here for all companies facing the daunting task of shutting down.

Laser Focused on Doing It Right

We are adamant about getting things done right. Our approach assures your startup dissolution is handled effectively, mitigating the risk of fines and penalties.

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Your Questions Answered

What distinguishes SimpleClosure from standard law or accounting firms?
Law and accounting firms are specialists in their fields. SimpleClosure is a specialist in shutting down companies. We take an integrated approach and use unique technology and a team of experts to streamline the process and ensure your company is shut down properly. Our wind-down experts have a wealth of experience in all aspects of shutting down.
What does the shut down process include?

Shutting down a business is typically a three step process:

1. Legally dissolving the company in the state of formation

2. Winding up the company affairs

3. Shutting down and distributing assets to investors

SimpleClosure is a one-stop shop for the entire process. We not only legally dissolve your business, but also take care of any loose ends so you never have to worry about surprise fees, penalties, or lawsuits down the road. Our typical shutdowns have 90+ moving parts to them.

What does SimpleClosure do vs. what do I need to do?
Our goal is to get you from A to Z in the most simple and compliant way possible, taking as much off of your plate as possible. For example, we legally dissolve your business, withdraw state registrations, manage distributions to investors, obtain releases to protect your company, and help you with any questions that arise along the way.
How long does the closure process usually take?
SimpleClosure works at your speed. Each situation is unique, but most customers dissolve within days or weeks. Timing mostly depends on how quickly you can provide us the documents and signatures we need. The processing time varies by state, but can often be expedited by paying the state an additional fee.
How much does SimpleClosure cost?
Pricing depends on many factors, such as the type of industry, complexity of operations, investment structure, and number of foreign qualifications. We meet with each customer to review which SimpleClosure products and services are necessary so you only pay for what you need.
May I continue doing business after dissolving?
No, but in many states a company may continue to exist for the purpose of winding up its business. For example, in Delaware a corporation has three years to liquidate assets, pay outstanding bills, distribute assets to investors, and withdraw from states other than the home state.
What happens if I don’t dissolve my business?
You’ll remain responsible for submitting reports, fulfilling tax obligations, and more. Neglecting to dissolve the entity and failing to meet these responsibilities could result in fines, penalties, and the forfeiture of your personal liability protection.

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The easiest and most trustworthy way to shut down your startup