Simple from Start to Finish

At SimpleClosure, we are dedicated to helping founders through the intricacies of each stage.
Below is short guide of our process:


Your journey begins with Onboarding – an essential step where we collect information to understand the unique challenges and intricacies of your company. This vital information gathering ensures that a tailored strategy is generated that suits your company's specific needs.
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Dissolution & Wind-Up

After collecting the necessary information in onboarding, we initiate procedures and execute your company's specific dissolution and closure plan. This includes, resolving any remaining obligations and tying up loose ends with customers, vendors, state agencies, and team members.

During this stage, necessary legal paperwork is prepared and required consents from stakeholders are secured.

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This final phase includes careful management of tasks such as handling the company's IP, settling any remaining financial obligations, and handling fund distributions to investors. Finally, we offer our expert advice on post-closure activities, such as the retention and safe-keeping of vital company records. This final step ensures your obligations are entirely met, leaving no loose ends or future complications.

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With SimpleClosure, the challenging process of winding down becomes simple and seamless. Our reliable software and expert solutions prioritize your peace of mind, providing you with comprehensive support during each step.

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