Who We Are

SimpleClosure is a California based, venture backed company aiming to simplify the complex task of shutting down a business. Tailor-made for startups: bootstrapped and venture-backed companies, we handle all closure-related tasks, including state paperwork, board resolutions and investor distributions. Our expertise lies in streamlining the process, cutting down clutter, and making the process of dissolving a business as smooth as possible for our customers.
~1 million

businesses shut down every year

in the US


of startups fail

time and time again

9 months

is the average time to shut down

a company without SimpleClosure

The Journey

During my previous founder journey, I came close to shutting down. At one point, I was asked by our board member to put together a "shut down analysis" - Something I had no idea what it meant at the time but as an entrepreneur I knew I would just figure it out.

Long story short, I got sent from lawyer to lawyer and accountant to accountant, searched the internet and found it almost impossible to get any reliable information on the process of properly shutting down a company. It's as if it's taboo!

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This seemed crazy to me. Nine out of ten startups that raise will shut down, but no one wants to deal with the process. Information and simplicity is even more critical at a time where as a founder, you are in a very difficult situation and need as much help and support as possible.
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Therefore, we decided to build a company that helps companies shut down - A TurboTax for shutting down. Software that automates the process, saving hundreds of hours of work and tens of thousands of dollars! 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help founders at their toughest times. We’re dedicated to transforming a conventionally overwhelming, bureaucratic, manual and fragmented process into an easy and streamlined journey. We want to give founders and stakeholders the piece of mind knowing that they shut down the company properly and can safely move onto what’s next. 
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Our Commitment

SimpleClosure is built by a team of repeat founders that have been through the ups and downs of selling and shutting down companies. We have a team of professionals rich in experience from the tech, legal, and financial worlds. Experts in both business law and customer service, our team is competent and compassionate, ready to meet all your requirements during the closure process, always available, always supportive.

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