Moving Forward

Ever since our launch in September, things have been moving at the speed of light.
dori yona
Dori Yona
Published: March 26, 2024
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They say that when you know, you know.

I now KNOW we are building something special. 

That’s the feeling I’ve had these past few months.  

Ever since our launch in September, things have been moving at the speed of light. We’ve been working around the clock growing, building and serving the needs of our customers — founders and entrepreneurs — that have put their blood, sweat and tears into building their own companies, and now need to deal with the painful reality of shutting it down. I’ve been there and I know what it feels like. I wrote about it here

Our mission at SimpleClosure is, well, simple: to become the easiest and most trustworthy way to shutdown a company. We’ve taken a byzantine process and trimmed it from months or years to days or weeks, while giving founders and stakeholders the confidence that it’s done right! We recognize that failure is part of life, and what motivates us is not companies shutting down — it’s helping founders move on to their next big thing with the peace of mind they deserve.

I’m humbled to share that we are taking another leap toward that mission and an even grander vision. Here are some updates: 

  • SimpleClosure has raised a $4M seed round, which brings our total funding to $5.5M. The round was led by Infinity Ventures, with strong participation from Anthemis Group, Foxe Capital and existing investors. A variety of new angel investors joined the round, including executives from leading software companies such as Deel and Intuit, as well as partners at top venture firms. After spending time with Jeremy and the Infinity team, I was drawn in by their wealth of expertise, knowledge in the Fintech space and hunger to win. 

  • This round comes only 6 months after our previous round. We will use these additional funds to expand our team and continue building out a world-class product, as well as invest in GTM.

  • We are out of beta and growing. Since our launch in September 2023, we have grown 14x in revenue and 6x in customers. We surpassed seven figures in annualized revenue. We launched new referral partnerships with law and accounting firms, accelerators, as well as startup service providers such as Mercury. 

Already we’ve seen more conversations about removing the taboo around founder “failure”, more solutions coming to the market, and more founders vocalizing the need to bring awareness to the world of shutting down. 

A special thank you to our customers and partners that are continuing to support and trust us. Building for you is what motivates us every single day.

A huge shoutout to our awesome team that decided to bet their careers and are doing amazing work behind the scenes! Your determination, ethics, care and drive is what makes SimpleClosure who we are. Nothing would be possible without you. Companies are only as good as the people that shape them. LFG!

One last note: I have spent a lot of time these past few months thinking about the age-old startup conundrums: What is the total addressable market (TAM) for what we are building? How big can this really become?

I now know the answer to these questions.

It’s simple. This is a $0 market. The opportunity is so big and there is so much left to solve that it’s impossible to put a dollar figure on it. 

We are just getting started. Watch this space.

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