How SimpleClosure not only allowed ZenBill’s founder a prompt move to his next venture but also ensured investor satisfaction and care

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Meet ZenBill

ZenBill’s goal was to redefine how businesses engaged in financial transactions, offering a streamlined platform that simplified the intricacies of making and receiving payments. Ultimately striving to enhance businesses’ financial efficiency with hassle-free solutions to managing transactions.

“SimpleClosure was a lifeline during a challenging time. I was grappling with the uncertainty of the unknown, unsure of what questions to ask or even where to begin. SimpleClosure stepped in, guiding me through the process and providing clarity where I needed it most. Their support was invaluable, turning the unknown into a manageable journey.”

Elie Toubiana, ZenBill

The Challenge

Faced with the challenging task of closing his company, Elie sought assistance from several lawyers, only to receive generic legal advice that lacked a comprehensive perspective. The guidance provided was narrowly focused on legal aspects, devoid of insights into best practices, investor expectations, or effective communication strategies with stakeholders. Ultimately disappointed by unmet expectations and a continued lack of the hands-on guidance essential for navigating the complicated process of closing a company, Elie found SimpleClosure.

The Solution

SimpleClosure offered a transformative solution to the complexities of closing ZenBill, providing a personalized and holistic experience that extended beyond the realms of legal and financial considerations. The platform not only guided Elie through the intricacies of his company’s closure but also provided valuable industry-based practices. The solution entailed a comprehensive user-friendly product that significantly elevated the closure process. Furthermore, SimpleClosure helped ZenBill transition away from its HR provider while effectively closing multiple state payroll, unemployment, and withholding accounts, including having a huge bill waived for a forgotten Florida account.

The Outcome

SimpleClosure delivered tangible and transformative results, which provided a profound sense of peace of mind throughout the company closure. With the shutdown expertly managed and newfound mental space, Elie was able to focus on what's next in his entrepreneurial journey - starting a new company. SimpleClosure’s streamlined process not only allowed Elie a prompt move to his next venture but also ensured investor satisfaction and care.

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