Shutting Down Sucks — But It Doesn't Have To

I still remember the day. We were sitting in our quarterly board meeting, reviewing our finances, when one of our board members asked me, “Dori, what would a plan for shutting down look like?”

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Understanding Positive and Negative Aspects of Bankruptcy in Business Closure: A Comprehensive Guide

There are no two ways about it: the thought of declaring bankruptcy is daunting and stressful. And for small to medium-sized businesses, it seems like the last option in the face of overwhelming debts and plummeting revenues.

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Closing Down a Business Checklist: 6 Essential Steps - SimpleClosure

Starting and sustaining a business is a dream many chase, but sometimes, it's a dream that doesn't go as planned.

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Are You Personally Liable for Your Business Debt When Closing Down?

Understand if you are personally liable for your business's debt when closing down based on your business structure. Learn about personal guarantees and commingling assets.

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Alternatives to Closing Down Your Business Completely

Instead of shutting down your business entirely, consider options like selling, restructuring debt, or bankruptcy. Understand the processes to pick the best path.

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